VW Processor Up To 16 Video Wall Monitors
Full HD per Monitor
Graphic Units
Matrox M or Mura Series
Display Mode
Stretched & Independent
Inputs & Outputs
Integrates on the Same Board
Free Matrox Softwares
You can design much more flexible video walls with CLETECH Video wall processor. CLETECH VWP1000 and VWP2000 series processors are equipped with Matrox graphics cards is used especially where there is need for much higher resolution.

It can be ensured a continuous image across multiple monitors with Monitor Bezel Management feature and with Clone feature the content of the first display can be crossed to the other available displays or full screen mode can be used by the device that supports Full HD resolution (1920x1080) to 16 monitors at the same time. Monitors can be positioned Vertical or horizontal and  two different video walls can be managed with a single device.