F9 Outdoor Totem
Located in Bursa
Informational kiosk project of Bursa Culture and Tourism Promotion Association
has been realized with Cletech F9 Outdoor Totem. A total of 20 units totems
placed different locations within the province of Bursa. Totems provide content
to visitors with stunningly sharp and clear images via high brightness panels.
Projected Capacitive Touch technology Totems allows having information about
the city and its history with the context was performed by the Cletech.
K3 Kiosk for Kempinski Hotels
Kempinski Hotels preferred K3 40" Kiosk painted with piano black
for the awarded Lobby Software application developed by Iris,
English partner of Cletech.

Touch Table for
Patrizia Pepe
Elegant Touch Table designed and developed with our Italian
partner Solos to explore the glamorous world of Patrizia Pepe.
The products equipped with RFID barcode reading system
are being used in Patrizia Pepe showrooms.
Digital Signage Totems
for Vestel Digital
Mechanical designs and housing productions of VTS10 55" Totems,
is a member of Vestel Digital Signage product collection, made by Cletech.
Bus Stop with
82” Double LCD
Cletech announces a brand new outdoor LCD
display project. Bus and tram stops that have
dual 82" LCD display are in the development
phase and will be available very soon. The LCD
DOOH with special heating and cooling system
will provide lots of advantages compared with
the stationary bus stops.

Triple Touch Table
Concept Design
This fantastic product is intended to be used for
the shows or museums. The table with 3 x 55"
projective capacitive touch screen looks extremely impressive.
Information Kiosk
Concept Design
K5 Kiosk, designed as an information kiosk,
planned to be produced on sizes 15.6", 17", 19 "and 21"
with the touch screen. Barcode reader and magnetic card reader
can be added as an optional.
Meeting Table with
Touchable Screen
Concept Design
The table with 46" touchscreen, consists from
metal feet and the lacquer painted upper plate.
Its dimensions are close to a regular meeting table.
It is enough to press start button to use this
attractive table equipped with top level
computer components.
Double Way Kiosk
Concept Design
This special kiosk project with its pure and elegant design is more
impressive than the ordinary kiosks. While 26" capacitive touchscreen
and a thermal printer placed on one side, the other side 40" information
and routing area will serve you long time with its brushed
stainless steel construction.