CLETECH Kiosk with its improved technology allows to display
different real-time information such as check-in, booking, baggage,
departures / arrivals, weather conditions in airports,
rail stations, bus stations.

By using Cletech Kiosk, stores can efficiently attract more
customers. Audiences are being informed all about products
and services such as bargain sales, special events, discount
coupon services, limited offers. It allows to disseminate
same or different information at the same time on the displaces
installed in multiple locations.
CLETECH kiosk provides your guests with detailed information on your hotel and
the surrounding area, including current weather forecasts, transportation schedules
and latest hotel offers. Strategically placed in the reception of any luxury hotel,
Cletech Kiosk can also serve as a powerful marketing tool for the hotel. Revenue
opportunities are available through the promotion of various parts of the hotel
including activities, spa treatments, tours and excursions, events, and dining
options. It can also be used to advertise external content.

CLETECH kiosk provides to promote latest trends in fashion,
specials and beauty shots, monthly fund-raising events
into the shopping malls where customers enjoy browsing
shops for products of interest. Visitors sastisfaction will be
optimized thanks to digital displays by offering wayfinding
help in a large commercial complexes such a labyrinth.
It will help to turn visitors into customers.
Mount-watering advertisements and an impressive menu options are
attracting customers via Cletech digital displays. Customers can
look at news such as upcoming events, wait list of the offered meal,
seasonal or promotional menu offerings.

CLETECH will be your excellent partner by providing reliable
and real-time database of financial information, corporate
home pages, investor relations, delayed or end-of-day datas,
market data, charts and other customized
Highly computerized amusement centers are encouraging fun with
CLETECH Digital Signage Displays. Cutting-edge multimedia technology
with an attractive design, it will become the focal point of your facility.

CLETECH Smart Board allows collaboration of teachers and students.
Enjoyable digital learning with dynamic lessons. Cletech Kiosk offer
active campus life with its network technology by displaying
events, bulletins, class notices.